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1783. Fatigue behavior and influence factor analysis of

Abstract. The fatigue behavior of the structure under multiaxial random loading is studied in this paper. The influence of different parameters on the fatigue behavior is mainly investigated. Firstly, the theoretical analysis for the stress response of the structure under multiaxial random vibration A critical review on multiaxial fatigue assessments of tiaxial fatigue behaviour of Haynes 188 super alloy at 760°C. They constructed the following Equation (9) with MF to incorporate the decrease of fatigue ductility and fatigue strength under multiaxial fatigue:00r I b E[ Ae~q = MFb/~ (2Nr) + ~ (2Nf) c, where Mr= (9) {1/(2T~TF) for TF <~1 for TF >t1' (10)

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The latter combination showed only a slightly higher cyclic strength compared to the cast iron/steel combination. A systematic optimization of the laser beam welding process leads to a fatigue behaviour under multi-axial loading conditions, where the cast iron/case hardened steel combination still met the strength specification required. Multiaxial fatigue behavior of SLM Ti6Al4V alloy under The multiaxial fatigue behavior of Ti6Al4V samples, made by selective laser melting (SLM) process, was investigated in this work. Fatigue tests were car-ried out under three different loading conditions:(i) tensile, (ii) torsion, and (iii) in-phase axialtorsional. A modified damage model, based on the Sines STP7 Multiaxial Fatigue and Deformation:Testing and Multiaxial Experimental Techniques--explores state-of-the-art experimental methods to generate mulitaxial deformation and fatigue data to develop and verify both constitutive models used to describe the flow behavior of materials and fatigue life estimation models.

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The fatigue behaviour of the trabecular bone under uniaxial load was compared to that of multiaxial load using a finite element simulation. The plastic strain was found localized at the trabecular structure under multiaxial load. On average, applying multiaxial loads reduced more than five times the fatigue life of the trabecular bone.Multiaxial fatigue evaluation of laserbeam-welded May 08, 2014 · Wiebesiek J, Störzel K, Bruder T, Kaufmann H (2011) Multiaxial fatigue behaviour of laserbeam-welded thin steel and aluminium sheets under proportional and non-proportional combined loading. Int J Fatigue 8:9921005 CrossRef Google Scholar