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:Legines Brass Reducing Hex Nipple, 1/2" NPT

1/2" Male NPT threads on one end and 3/8" Male NPT threads on another. Legines pipe fittings are made of CA360 or CA377 brass, not ordinary copper alloy, and meet SAE standard, have dryseal threads, forgings & extruded. Operating pressure of our fittings is :Legines NPT Reducing Coupling Brass 1/4 1/4" Female National Pipe Taper (NPT) threads on one end and 1/8" on another end. Legines pipe fittings are made of CA360 or CA377 brass, not ordinary copper alloy, and meet SAE standard, have dryseal threads, forgings & extruded. Operating pressure of our fittings is up to 1200psi, more higher than other general fittings.


AERONAUT 3 BLADE SPINNER ALLOY BACKPLATE 65mm 6mm collet. $48.00. AERONAUT SPINNER SET 42mm Dia. 5mm Collet. $34.50. AERONAUT 3 BLADE SPINNER ALLOY BACKPLATE 42mm 5mm collet. $38.00. DEANS CONNECTOR M&F (1pr) $8.90. AERONAUT CN-SPINNER WITH CENTRE PART 30mm Dia. 3.2mm Collet. BLASTING TECHNICAL INFORMATION - MC FinishingPressure ( used in blast cabinets, blast rooms, and outdoor blasting) SUCTION blasting uses the venture principle sucking media from a hopper. The air jet is 1/2 the ID of the nozzle and as the air stream is passed through both, it creates a low pressure which sucks the media from the hopper into the air stream. The media Fishing, Thru Tubing Tools, and Service Equipment TeialOperating Pressure 2,900 PSI Required Flow 3.9 GPM Dimensions (L x W x H) 22.5 x 20.5 x 23 Weight 250 lb Safety Pipe Wrench and Alarm Scale Coiled Tubing Jar Tester The Coiled Tubing Jar Tester may be safely and efficiently operated by one person from a low pressure, electric powered, standalone hydraulic control console. Features and Benefits

Free sample for Wnife Tungsten Nickel Ferro Alloy - Nickel

Other useful features of the alloy are its magnetic and magnetostrictive properties, high thermal and electrical conductivities, low gas content and low vapor pressure. Alloy 200 (UNS N02200) is a commercially pure wrought nickel, with good mechanical properties and an excellent resistance to many corrosive environments. Irrigation supplies and equipment from DripdepotHot Water for Tubing:A trick among drip irrigation professionals is to briefly insert the end of a piece of tubing into a cup of hot water before attempting to connect fittings to the tubing. As a side note, lubricants should never be used on drip irrigation tubing. Place Tubing in the Sun:Many drip irrigation installation experts place their Manufacturer of Rotary Unions & Rotary Joints - MOFLONOverview. MOFLON is a leading rotary union manufacturer, We pride ourselves in providing standard products classified by efficiency and feature high-class rotary union seals designated for compatibility to every use cases functioning pressure, temperature, speed, media, and desired life span. MOFLON offers customized rotary unions- intended

Quality Control of Rubber Fender - JIER Marine Rubber

Quality Control of Rubber Fender. The commitment to quality is our top priority. JIER Management System is ISO9001:2000 / ISO14001:2004 and CCS certificated and complies with all demands of the standards during manufacturing procedure. Our Quality Control Center is equipped with complete testing equipments therefore all quality tests will be US8104311B2 - Rotary fiberization process for making glass Tubular pipe insulation is made from a glass fiber mat produced utilizing a rotary glass fiberization process. A spinner disc is rotated to centrifuge molten glass through fiberization holes in an annular sidewall of the spinner disc and form primary glass fibers. The primary glass fibers are attenuated and formed into a veil where the fibers are dispersed to reduce in length the fiber Walker Filtration Alpha® Centrifugal Water SeparatorWalker Filtration Alpha® Water Separators. $0.00. 6 SCFM - 1,500 SCFM / 1/8" NPT - 3" NPT Connections. Walker Filtration's NEW Alpha® Water Separator combines proven Alpha® centrifugal technology with a new forward thinking housing design to deliver market leading water removal efficiencies eliminating 99% bulk water with continuously

Alloy Steel Seamless Pipe and ASTM A335 Low Alloy Pipe

The A335 is a specification for seamless ferritic alloy steel pipe. These Alloy steel seamless pipes are intended for high temperature services. There are also the High Alloy Steel materials. There are different grades in this material specification. There are P1, P2 through P91 and P92 grades. The most commonly used are the p5, p9, p11, p22