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Expanded Metal Grating for Slip Resistant - Checker Plate

Its surface has many hole patterns for versatile application, including diamond holes, hexagonal holes, oval holes and other decorative holes. In order to add additional security, corrosion resistance and rust resistance, generally expanded metal sheet is made of carbon steel sheet, stainless steel or aluminum with galvanized and PVC coated. Now, expanded metal grating has been used in many areas, such as stair treads Galvanic Corrosion SSINAImage 3B shows stainless steel fasteners used to secure a carbon steel tread plate. The relatively small surface area of the stainless steel fasteners means that they have essentially no galvanic effect on the corrosion rate of the carbon steel plate. Figure 3:Examples of good and bad galvanic corrosion ratios

Galvanized Carbon Steel Serrated Surface Bar Grating Stair

Item Bar Grating Stair Tread; Surface Serrated; Tread Width 24 in; Tread Depth 9 3/4 in; Height 1 in; Nosing Checker Plate; Material Galvanized Carbon Steel; Bearing Bar Spacing 1.188 in; Bearing Bar Thickness 0.188 in; Number of Bearing Bars 8; End Plates 2.5 in; Load Capacity 400 lb; View All Galvanized and Alloy Coated Russel MetalsGALVANIZED ALLOY-COATED This Zinc-Iron alloy coating has a uniform matte grey, spangle free appearance without wipe lines on the surface. Carbon steel sheet is processed through a molten zinc bath and continuously run in an annealing furnace, enhancing physical and surface properties with a ratio of Zinc-Iron alloy of 8% to 12%. Hot Dip Galvanised Stair Treads , T1 / T2 / T3 / T4 Bar The general metal stair treads are three kinds .1mild carbon stair treads ,its surface treatment is hot dip galvanized,the price is the lowest but value is better according to meterial cost & application .It canbe used in indoor & outdoor ;2aluminum stair treads ,the weight is lighter than mild caron stair treads.Its apperance is better , but the price is expensive than mild carbon .aluminum stair treads is more adjust indoor .3stainless stair treads ,the surface

Painted Steel Grating Supplier

Spray painted steel grating mainly for the surface treatment of steel grid plate, steel grid plate general surface treatment is hot dip galvanizing.The same surface painting is an important one. The processing cost of painted steel grid plate is lower than hot dip galvanized, rust resistance, more afraid of wear, but paint can choose a variety of colors, especially when the steel grid plate for mechanical equipment, the color of the steel grid plate Perforated Galvanized Steel Stair Treads 1.5 - 5mm Galvanized Sheet, Hot Steel,cold Steel, Aluminum Plate,stainless Steel Pannel Ect. Surface::Hot Dip Galvanized,paint:Steel Standard::JR275,ASTMA36,A1011,A569,Q235:Hole Shape::Crocodilian Mouth,Round Hole,Embosse:Application::Safety Grating For Industrial Firm , Ladder:Thickness::1.5mm-5mm:Grating Application:Industry Floor, Platform, Walkway:High Light: SGS Outdoor Galvanized Steel Stair Treads Hot Dip Stairs Treads. Surface Treatment::Hot Dip Galvanized Painting Mill Finish. Model Number::T1 ,T2,T3,T4,T5,T6. Mesh (Spacing):30 100 40 100 30 30. Grating Standard::Ndard:ASTM A36,

Stair Tread - Galvanized Steel Grating, Steel Grating, Bar

* Stair treads have a protective finish such as paint or galvanizing. Without this surface treatment, stair treads can rust easily if exposed to moisture. Therefore it should be primed, painted or hot dipped galvanized to prevent corrosion. Hot dipped galvanizing is the preferred method for corrosion resistance. Tread Plate List:Diamond Safety Grating, Tread Safety GratingPerforated-o safety grating stair treads - large encircles around tread buttons are welded end carrier plates, ideal for indoor and outdoor stair. Anti-skid Stair Treads Anti-skid stair treads are produced with 2 small raised holes and 1 large dented hole. galvanized tread plate- Aluminum/Al foil,plate/sheet Steel Tread Plate - Galvanized, Painting Surface Steel tread plate also named metal tread plate is produced with high quality low carbon steel, it can be embossed to different patterns to resist slip.

Painting Galvanized Steel Painting Galvanised Steel

Preparation of galvanized steel before painting. There are four recognised methods of surface pre-treatment that produce a sound substrate for a paint coating:t wash, etch primers, sweep blasting and weathering. Selecting the correct paint for galvanised metal.