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Comparative Energetics of the Giant Hummingbird

Cory D. Dunn, Bala A. Akpinar, Vivek Sharma An Unusual Amino Acid Substitution Within Hummingbird Cytochrome c Oxidase Alters a Key Proton-Conducting Channel, G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics (May 2020):g3.401312.2020. Evolution of sweet taste perception i n hummingbirds by into hummingbird T1R3 (chimera 1) rendered the heterodimeric receptor sensitive to amino acids rather than sugars. Reintroducing 109 amino acids (residues 158 to 266) of hummingbird T1R3 into the chicken T1R3 venus flytrap domain restored sucrose responses

Germline mutations in genes within the MAPK pathway

Of the 11 mutations identified, two result in amino acid substitutions that occur in tumors, but most are unique and suggest previously unknown mechanisms of B-Raf activation. Furthermore, three of five individuals without BRAF mutations had missense mutations in either MEK1 or MEK2, downstream effectors of B-Raf. Journal of Heredity 2004 The American Genetic We found the exon 7 amino acid sequences for eight crocodilians (seven birds and one alligator) to be identical to one another and to the mouse (Figure 2). In contrast, humans have one unique amino acid substitution (T303N) and share one with carnivores (N325S). The nucleotide sequences of the eight crocodilians were also remarkably similar Large multiple sequence alignments with a root-to-leaf Multiple sequence alignments (MSAs) are used for structural1,2 and evolutionary predictions1,2, but the complexity of aligning large datasets requires the use of approximate solutions3, including the progressive algorithm4. Progressive MSA methods start by aligning the most similar sequences and subsequently incorporate the remaining sequences, from leaf to root, based on a guide tree.

Molecular genomic characterization of tick- and human

Compared with other completely sequenced human-derived Korean SFTSV strains, the KAGWT strain had highest sequence identities at the nucleotide and deduced amino acid level in each segment with the KAGWH3 strain which was isolated from SFTS patient within the same region, although there is one unique amino acid substitution in the Gn protein Unique signature amino acid substitution in Baltic tick Sep 01, 2008 · The other unique signature amino acid at position 175 within the Baltic lineage of S-TBEV strains demonstrated the lack of a hydrogen bond between Thr175 and Asp181 side chains , making the 177179 loop more flexible. The biological role of these findings is unclear, but the fact that both signature amino acids are situated on the viral Unusual Amino Acid Substitution Within Hummingbird Jul 01, 2020 · Abstract. Hummingbirds in flight exhibit the highest mass-specific metabolic rate of all vertebrates. The bioenergetic requirements associated with sustained ho